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Brochure 16 pages 8.5×11″ 10,000 Quantity is equal to: 1,120 lb of paper Catalogue 88 pages 8.5×11″ 100,000 Quantity is equal to: 70,000 lb of paper Magazine / Other 32 pages 8.375×10.875″ 5,000 Quantity is equal to: 2,210 lb of paper Stationery / Corp Identity  5,000 Business Cards 3.5×2″ 10,000 Letterhead 8.5×11″ 2,000 Envelopes No.10 … Continued

Vous pouvez faire une différence!

Brochure 16 pages 8.5 x 11” Quantité 10 000 Soit l’équivalent de 1 120 livres de papier Catalogue 88 pages 8.5 x 11” Quantité 10 000 Soit l’équivalent de 70 000 livres de papier Magazine / Autre 32 pages 8 375 x 10.875” Quantité 5 000 Soit l’équivalent de 2 210 livres de papier Papeterie … Continued

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

OUR COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY RESPONSIBLE PRACTICES. RESPONSIBLE RESULTS. Rolland is committed to being an ecological leader in the pulp and paper industry. We work with our wood fiber suppliers and Canopy to promote ecopaper development, sustainable forest management, endangered forest protection and responsible environmental practices. Rolland supports pulp and paper production with 30% to 100% post-consumer waste … Continued

Everything is in the Details

EVERYTHING IS IN THE DETAILS PREMIUM RECYCLED PAPERS FOR DIGITAL PROJECTS With Rolland’s premium digital papers, you get high color digital print quality while minimizing your environmental impact. Rolland Enviro® Digital, Rolland Enviro® Jet and Rolland Hitech® are uncoated post-consumer content and engineered specifically for digital printing equipment. Get the superior printability and reliability needed … Continued